Framing Rules vs Feeling Rules

Framing rules define the emotional tone of situations, whereas feeling rules tell us what exactly are the proper emotions to feel in said situation.  They are both defined by the culture we live in, but framing rules tend to be broad, and feeling rules are more individual specific.  Framing rules are like the bold heading of a paper: this is your topic; this is a point in time; this is a certain situation.  This depends on what culture you grew up in.  The situation can be the same for all cultures, but the framing rules, the tone, or the atmosphere, can be totally different depending on if you’re American, Chinese, Christian, Muslim, etc.  Feeling rules are meant for each individual.  They’re like the bullets under the heading.  These say what you’re allowed to feel, or what you have a right to feel in said situation.  If, at a funeral, framing rules dictate this as a happy occasion, you’re allowed to feel joy, pride, etc.  Your culture says you shouldnt feel angry or sad.

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